i-D Magazine | Bonnie Strange — November 2013

The extravagant and wonderful Kate Bellm together with model and photographer Bonnie Strange run amok in a museum devoted to 1860s America in the heart of Berlin. read more

  • Year 2014
  • Client i-D
  • Photographer Kate Bellm
  • Talent Bonnie Strange
  • Stylist Hana Mouawad
  • Hair & Make-Up Survello Mendez Ray
  • Location Berlin

An extraordinary set-up for a wild and fun editorial in i-D. There’s no one quite like Kate Bellm. Her photos come alive with bright neon colours, an eclectic collection of props in wacky locations: no wonder she is a perfect fit for the quirky i-D Magazine. This time, her subject was Bonnie Strange: a model who is also a photographer. Their love for the vibrant and offbeat found an expression in the most unlikely of settings, the Old Texas Town: a museum that re-enacts the Wild West, in Berlin. Its interior, complete with flags, velvet wallpapers and stuffed bears became the playground for a story in which Bonnie turned into a punk modern incarnation of the very Bonnie who once ran off with Clyde…