Mango Before Midnight — September 2017

Mango captures the magical excitement of the hours right before the beginning of a wild night… read more

  • Client Mango
  • Year 2017
  • Photographer Dan Martensen
  • Talent Aya Jones, Matthew Bell, Ruth Bell
  • Stylist Elodie David
  • Hair Cim Mahony
  • Make-Up Chiho Omae
  • Set Design Meghan Duran
  • Location New York
  • Service Full Service Production

Supermodels Ruth Bell, Aya Jones and Matthew Bell lead the sophisticated power squad that is about to conquer the streets of China Town in New York City. Directed by Gus & Lo, photographed by Dan Martensen and styled by Elodie David, the campaign celebrates Mango’s latest looks for an elegant yet rebellious winter season. The glowing supermodel force shows how to shine during this year’s cold season with classically tailored suits for men and feminine silhouettes for women, refined by sequins and velvet features. Mango Before Midnight