Moxy Hotels — September 2017

Moxy Hotels' guests get up to mischief in New York City… read more

  • Client Moxy Hotels
  • Year 2017
  • Photographer Sarah Bahbah
  • Talent Alexandra Cunningham, Cheera Choo, Cindy Yan, David Atrakchi, Hadar Yehezkel, Luis Ocasia, Tristyn Martens-Shaw, Tylique Walters
  • Stylist Yael Gitai
  • Hair & Make-Up Konstanze Zeller
  • Location New York
  • Service Full Service Production

Photographer Sarah Bahbah catches the cheeky Tristyn Martens-Shaw and other fun hunters, Alexandra Cunningham, Hadar Yehezkel, Cindy Yan, Cheera Choo, Tylique Walters, Luis Ocasia, and David Atrakchi in the act of making the hotel their playground. Yael Gitai styles the young-at-heart models in effortless spontaneous wear fit for whatever comes next in the Moxy Hotels.