Numéro Berlin | The Sex Issue — June 2021

  • Year 2021
  • Client Numéro
  • Photographer ADRIENNE RAQUEL
  • Talent Baby Keem
  • Hair & Make-Up Amber Amos
  • Set Design Justin Fry
  • Location LA
  • Service Full Service Production

Photos @adrienneraquel
Fashion Director @___warriorprincessss___
Hair & Makeup @ber_amos at
Production @sophie__meister for @productionberlingroup
Casting @adzybrowne at @sixwolvescasting
Talent @keem
Set Design @jebuz
Interview @hendrikla
Photo Assistants #aaronmorgenstein and #phoebesoloman
Production Assistant #joshsawyer
Styling Assistants @michymillie and #ritaashaleh


Coat @undercover_lab
T-shirt @commedesgarcons
Denim Talent’s Own

Creative Direction Götz Offergeld at @oor_studio
Art Direction @mikemeire
Magazine Design @svenjawitt.mann

Special thanks to @keem@pglang & @huxley