UGG | Feel x Cher — January 2022

  • Year 2022
  • Client UGG
  • Photographer Neil Favila
  • Director Kauai + Michael
  • Talent CHER
  • Stylist Marjan Malakpour
  • Hair Serena Radaelli
  • Make-Up Francesca Tolot
  • Set Design Lizzie Lang
  • Location Malibu
  • Service Full Service Production

UGG has always been an emotional brand because of how it makes you FEEL. We open SS22 with FEEL ___, an ongoing series of authentic stories from icons who make us feel. Known as the “Goddess of Pop,” we feature multi-talent entertainer, philanthropist, and style icon Cher in our icons like the Classic Mini and Coquette – personifying the feeling of UGG and the products that define us.