VOGUE Mexico | Chris Colls — August 2017

Vogue Mexico gathers a power force of industry talents in New York to shoot the Romanian supermodel Andreea Diaconu… read more

  • Year 2017
  • Client Vogue Mexico
  • Photographer Chris Colls
  • Talent Andreea Diaconu
  • Stylist Valentina Collado
  • Hair Diego Da Silva
  • Make-Up Maud Laceppe
  • Location Mexico
  • Service Full Service Production

Chris Colls photographed the Balkan beauty wearing a series of sophisticated, toned down looks, styled by Vogue Mexico’s fashion director Valentina Collado. Supported by hair stylist Diego Da Silva and make-up artist Maud Laceppe, an day in sunny New York City was used to shoot a beautifully timeless series with the Romanian fashion star.