UGG | AW21 FEEL YOU — October 2021

  • Year 2021
  • Client UGG
  • Photographer Neil Favila
  • Director Ben Belsky, Kauai + Michael
  • Talent Bri Scalesse, Cameron Porras, Evan Mock, Genai Nakama, Kayce Kirihara, Kayla Maria G, Lachlan Watson, Leah Vernon, Rhianna Jones, Shanley McIntee
  • Stylist Julia Ehrlich
  • Hair Castillo, Rutger
  • Make-Up Kendell Cota, Kristi Matamoros
  • Location LA/NYC
  • Service Full Service Production

FEEL YOU is an ongoing, global celebration of individuality and style with over thirty friends of the brand. They are multi-hyphenate creatives who – like UGG – are bold, provocative, free-spirited, optimistic, and real. Pairing the iconic Classic Mini, Neumel, and new iterations with a diverse group of tastemakers who express themselves through fashion, we highlight the many ways to wear UGG this fall.

Evan Mock is a skater, model, and actor on HBO’s new Gossip Girl reboot. Rhianna Jones is a writer, creative, and advocate using her voice to champion cultural inclusivity, sustainable fashion, and Afrocentric natural beauty. Kayla Maria G is a model and dancer whose goal is to break barriers and normalize disabilities. Bri Scalesse is a model, writer, and disability advocate with a wheelchair named Aphrodite. Lachlan Watson is one of the youngest self-identified non-binary actors in Hollywood. Genai Nakama is a model and creative working to pave a way for girls just like her in the fashion industry. Couple Shanley McIntee and Cameron Porras are models and creatives following their dreams. Kayce Kirihara, better known as Infamous Kayce, is a Seattle native who made a name for herself in the sneaker and fashion world. Leah Vernon is the author of Unashamed: Musings of a Fat, Black Muslim, a body-positive influencer, and the first international plus-size Hijabi model.