VOGUE Mexico — November 2017

Vogue Mexico brings together an all-female power squad in Los Angeles… read more

  • Client Vogue Mexico
  • Year 2017
  • Photographer Sarah Bahbah
  • Talent Carly Foulkes, Isabella Peschardt
  • Stylist Valentina Collado
  • Hair Rachel Lee
  • Make-Up Jo Baker
  • Location LA
  • Service Full Service Production

Too much of all that is good is served, when Sarah Bahbah photographs Carly Foulkes and Isabella Peschard on a spectacular treat day in California. In the land of milk and honey, there’s an overflow of video games, candy and sushi rolls for the two rising stars. Vogue Mexico’s fashion director Valentina Collado styles the girls for this feast thrown in a truly Californian set designed by Ali Gallagher.